Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?

I might as well bin blind
Thought I owned this world and all its time
Made up my mind not to love again
Live my life a single man
Lady luck she came my way
Turned my night into day


She went huff and blew my little house down
She went puff ya she spun me around
She played rough ya she took me to town
All I did was fool around
And my whole world came tumblin' down

Is your mama gonna miss ya now you're gone
Is your mama gonna miss her little rollin' stone
Is mama gonna cry now she's alone
Cause mama's little girl ain't goin' home
Ya - she's goin' with me

I couldn't be found - couldn't be heard
You couldn't trap this free bird
I loved to fly shoulda heard me sing
You came along and flapped your wings
Had my eyes on the road foot on the floor
Tell me "hey who's that knockin' at my door"


I said stop and she said go
Looks so good I can't say no
Now we've gone and lost control

Written by:
B. Adams, R.J. Lange

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